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Craig Wright – What connection does he share with Satoshi Nakamoto?

It was in the year 2015 that a report from Wired and Gizmodo caused a stir. The report claimed to have revealed the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. According to the report, it is the Australian Craig Wright. Based on this, there is no natural relationship between Wright and Nakamoto. Rather, it is supposed to be the same person. At that time, the alleged Bitcoin inventor had not yet made a statement. However, this changed a few weeks later when he revealed to the public a crypto key that only the father of the BTC currency can have. He not only presented it in his blog, but also used big TV stations like the BBC.

Craig Wright’s theory is not only convincing because of its unique key to the Bitcoin revolution

Instead, he is also a computer expert, so that he could have the technical know-how at his disposal in principle. In a press release he justified his previous Bitcoin revolution approach. After his name was publicly traded as Satoshi Nakamoto’s true identity in December 2015, he did not yet feel compelled to act. Rather, according to his own Bitcoin revolution statement, he wanted to remain unknown.

However, this attitude changed at the time when the people in his immediate vicinity were visited by media representatives. In the end, he wanted to spare them this impairment. The Bitcoin payment system, which is used in particular on the World Wide Web, thus seems to be getting a true face for the first time. BTC can be used independently by banks and governments, whereby each Bitcoin is generated by Euro or Dollar. The pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto was invented by a Japanese philosopher. This is Tominaga Nakamoto, who lived in the 17th century.

Now the case of Satoshi Nakamoto could be filed. The history around BTC seems to have been finally dissolved. But it is precisely the well-known magazine “The Economist” that has also conducted an interview with the seeming Bitcoin Urvater, which once again casts doubt on the theory. According to those responsible, Craig Wright could be Satoshi Nakamoto. However, important questions could not be conclusively clarified. This publication therefore still leaves room for speculation. It is also possible that it will never be possible to completely clarify who is actually behind the pseudonym.

Mr. Wright, on the other hand, follows the same path himself. In an interview with the BBC, he made it increasingly clear that he doesn’t care whether people want to regard him as a BTC inventor or not. In the end, his know-how as a Bitcoin expert also speaks for him. In the past, he had also tried to set up a bank for the digital currency. He is also the proud owner of one of the most powerful computers in the world. And finally, the digital currency BTC needs one thing in particular, namely computing power. So Mr. Wright not only has the expertise but also the technical equipment to make BTC available worldwide.

The Bitcoin profit fortune of Satoshi Nakamoto

It is obvious that the wealth of the Bitcoin profit inventor of the digital currency has a special interest. It is estimated that Satoshi Nakamoto has 1 million bitcoins. However, it is not possible to determine a specific Bitcoin profit value from this, as the exchange rate depends on the respective exchange rate. Currently the exchange rate is about 1000 € per Bitcoin. In this respect, the assets would currently amount to about 1 billion €. Even if there is no watertight evidence for the identity and the number of own coins, it is still certain that Satoshi Nakamoto is a rich man.

Bitcoin forecast 2018 – highs to be expected

CoinShares Chairman and ex-JP Morgan Global Energy Trading Desk Leader Daniel Masters predicted an upcoming bull run in 2018 that would see Bitcoin return to previous highs – as long as two critical changes take place in the crypto ecosystem.

In an interview with CNBC, Masters explained that Bitcoin will experience another rally, provided that the crypto market matures, and stressed the importance of indices and benchmarks for institutional investors to enable market participants to achieve meaningful performance:


ICO ecosystem must be overhauled, Ethereum code is inevitable

For Ethereum code to reach earlier highs, according to Masters, the current paradigm of ICOs must evolve. According to Masters, Ethereum code investors are not sufficiently informed, although the status of tokens and the respective project is an important issue:


Regulations are necessary for the Bitcoin trader to mature

Bitcoin trader highlights the opaque regulatory status of crypto currencies and describes the “regulatory sandbox” in which crypto currencies have been placed for five years. As total market capitalization has jumped last year, traditional financial institutions and regulators are beginning to take Bitcoin more seriously.


Bitcoin forecast: Crypto market will grow drastically
Masters, who currently manages over 800 million dollars through BitShares, explains that while there will be no struggle between Bitcoin and the traditional financial system, crypto currencies will improve part of the financial system.

The statement that we will see new highs in 2018 seems almost impossible at the moment if you look at the prices in detail. A year ago today, the Bitcoin price was still at $2,362.70. The price rally did not start until the end of July and within a few months it almost increased tenfold. Interesting is also the 24h volume in comparison 2017 to today. The daily trading volume has increased incredibly and shows the strong presence of Bitcoin.

So far there has been an immense price increase for crypto currencies after every successfully mastered technological challenge. Ethereum was able to gain immense profits through its own progress. We are currently in one of the most exciting phases. Blockchain technology is widely supported, governments are researching policies and regulations that can access crypto currencies, and Bitcoin is working with the Lightning Network on the biggest challenge yet.

Bitcoin trading volume – the ups and downs in trading

Earlier this year, when the price of BTC fell by more than 60% from the former record high, also a less noted number of bitcoin collapsed: the bitcoin trading volume.

There are many explanations for the decline in the BTC trade – from mining to blockchain competition or simply that the year of release of the blockchain is so long ago. But it is unclear why the level has not recovered, as the price of BTC has risen by 50% since February 5.

The average number of BTC trades registered daily has roughly halved from the December highs and reached its lowest level in two years last month, even as bitcoin became a household name and also rose above $10,000 again after the year of this turbulence thanks to more demanding mining.

Withdrawal methods Bitcoin
Statistics: What does trading volume per day mean?
The trading volume statistics show the number of shares or contracts that indicate the total activity of a security or market for a certain period of time. It is an important technical indicator with which an investor confirms a trend or a trend reversal and can be monitored by tracking. Volume gives investors an idea of the price development of a security and whether they should buy or sell the security.

Blockchain Tracking: Why is the BTC volume important for investors?

The trading volume can help a BTC investor to recognize the momentum of a stock and confirm a trend. If the volume increases, prices will generally move in the same direction depending on the payment methods used. This means that if a security remains higher in an upward trend, the volume of the security should also increase and vice versa.
This is where the analysis of the trading volume comes into its own. The investor sees a steady increase in volume in the past month. He also recognizes that it is the company with the highest volume and the share is still on an upward trend. This signals to the investor that the company is gaining momentum and that the trend should continue to rise.
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Trading volume as a sales indicator
Trading volume can also indicate when an investor should make a profit and sell a security due to low activity. If there is no correlation between the trading volume and the price of a security, this signals a weakness of the current trend and a possible reversal.

What the BTC volume tells you:

Whenever you refer to the “price” of Bitcoin, you refer to the price of the last trade on a particular exchange. This important distinction is made because statistics show that there is not a single global price that everyone follows. Sometimes the price of Bitcoin in other countries may differ from the price of BTC in Germany, as the most important stock exchange in these countries includes different transactions.
Besides the price you sometimes also see the terms high and low. These terms refer to the highest and lowest prices of the last 24 hours – the trading volume per day. Another important term is volume. It represents the total number of coins traded in the specified period. Significant trends are generally accompanied by large trading volumes, while weak trends are accompanied by low volumes.

Syscoin – A crypto currency with good features?

The Syscoin platform wants to establish a decentralised trading centre for all types of goods. Similar to Ebay and Amazon, but completely independent, because the middlemen fail and inexpensive, because there are hardly any fees.
Syscoin – What is this crypto currency?
Who is the crypto currency?
Syscoin pros and cons
Syscoin Coin Course – Development – Forecast
Create Syscoin Wallet
Where can I buy the Syscoin?
Conclusion Syscoin
Based on the blockchain technology, a global network is to be created, which also functions as a decentralized database. The syscoin crypto currency will be one of the possible means of payment on the blockchain. The Syscoin development is not yet finished, but there is already some potential.

Syscoin – What is this crypto currency?

The crypto currency is another digital means of payment and is most similar in function to bitcoin. However, the Sys coin was specially developed for the platform of the same name, where it is exchanged as a token for services and products. The platform is the focus of Syscoin development. This is a public marketplace that can be reached via the Sys coin Wallet. All users should be able to trade products, assets, digital certificates and data on the marketplace. Besides the own crypto currency, Bitcoin and Zcash are also accepted on the platform.

The Syscoin Wallet provides Bitcoin Code

The Syscoin Wallet provides the user interface to access the platform. You can also browse through the offers via the Wallet. The marketplace is called “Blockmarket”, after the Blockchain technology on which the platform is based. Traders can create their own Bitcoin Code shops here and sell their products, or the products of others for a commission. Funds are transferred via the Wallet to buy or sell the products or to store digital certificates. The Wallet can also be used to send encrypted messages. If you want more security in the transactions, arbitrated escrows can be used. This is a kind of escrow service in which a third party deposits the goods while the goods are on their way.

To ensure that transactions can also be concluded quickly and efficiently, the developers use Smart Contracts. Smart Contracts are digital contracts that automatically handle the contents of the contract when certain conditions occur. For Sys coin this means that dealers only have to offer their goods for sale. The sale itself is fully automatic as soon as the buyers have sent the requested amount.

6925 Bitcoin Code

To ensure anonymity, finally one of the original concerns behind the development of crypto currencies, the buyers and sellers hide behind Aliasse. This also serves the usability, because the users only have to deal with the alias, behind which not only the full name but also the address of the wallet is hidden. The Sys coin Blockmarket Wallet wants to be very user-friendly and score with a tidy and clear interface. At the same time, the blockchain uses TOR for user interaction to effectively anonymize buyers and sellers. If you want even more security, you can use Zcash exclusively for transfers, a crypto currency that offers even more data protection.

Syscoin – Who is behind the crypto currency?

The “Blockchain Foundry”, led by Dan Wasyluk, is largely responsible for the development. Blockchain Foundry is a software company specializing in block chains. Dan Wasyluk has more than 15 years of experience in developing complex systems that are easy to use and understand. This is also the reason for the effort to make the use of the sys/coin crypto currency so easy that “even your grandmother can use it”. The Sys coin development has been running since 2014, the blockchain of the crypto currency was created after a hard fork by Bitcoin. Hard Fork is a spin-off from the block chain to its own chain.

Blockchain Foundry was able to enter into a partnership with Microsoft. Blockmarket will be offered on the Azure Blockchain by Microsoft as a service platform.

Syscoin – advantages and disadvantages
Syscoin will not be the only blockchain that wants to build a decentralized shop. There is some competition, but some of these blockchains focus on specialized products and could exist peacefully alongside the sys coin crypto currency. The focus on user-friendliness could be a big advantage of the coin; the platform would rather attract normal people who are not familiar with the coin.

Instructions: Buy Storj with PayPal

You want to buy Storj with PayPal? PayPal does not allow the direct purchase of crypto currencies. But with a small detour you can buy the digital currency with PayPal. This guide will show you how to buy Storj with PayPal.

Register with VirWox or Bitcoin Code

First you need an account with Bitcoin Code or VirWox. Visit the website and click on “Register here for free >>”. VirWox is an online marketplace where different currencies can be exchanged.

Then you fill out the registration form and enter your data. You don’t have to fill in the field “Connection with Avatar (optional)”, you can ignore that. Once you have filled in all fields, you only have to accept the general terms and conditions and solve a captcha. Then click on the button “Register !”.

Deposit Money with PayPal

After you click Register, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to activate your VirWox account. This email also contains a temporary password for your account, which you should change later.

To buy Bitcoins with PayPal now, you must first click on the menu item “Deposit” (under “My Account:”).

You will then see the “PayPal Express Buy” option at the bottom of the page.

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal Express Purchase

First select the amount you want to deposit and then click on the PayPal Express Buy button. You will now be redirected to PayPal, where you will need to enter your details to deposit money into VirWox.

4664 Bitcoin Code

As soon as you have deposited money with VirWox via PayPal, you can buy the currency SLL. This is needed to purchase Bitcoins on VirWox. For this you use the menu item “EUR/SLL” on the left side to change Euro to SLL. In the field “Change EUR to SLL” you select the amount you want to change to Bitcoin later. Then click on “Next” and on “Place order”.

Bitcoin Code shopping

Now only the change from SLL to Bitcoin is missing. To do this, click on the left menu item “BTC/SLL”. But Bitcoin Code is now you can enter in the field “Change SLL to BTC” the quantity you want to change to Bitcoin. Then click again on “Next” and on “Place order”.

Disburse Bitcoins
Finally, you should only pay out your Bitcoins to your own Bitcoin Wallet. To do so, click on the left menu item “Payout”. Afterwards, you can enter the desired amount in Bitcoin under “Withdraw to Bitcoin Account” and then your Bitcoin address. After you have carefully entered all the required information, you can click on “Request Withdrawal” to send your Bitcoins to your own wallet.

Note on VirWox: Several fees must be paid when paying with PayPal. 3.4 percent PayPal once and VirWox charges EUR>SLL and SLL>BTC twice thereafter.

Buy Storj with Bitcoin
Select Storj
Bitcoins transfer
To buy now with the just purchased Bitcoins Storj, you can use either the following Changelly widget or the website*.

Changelly – Widget

Manual for

First select Bitcoin (BTC) on the left side and specify the amount you want to exchange for Storj. Changelly will show you immediately how much Storj you get. Then click on the “Replace!” button.

If you don’t have a Changelly account yet, you can create one now. Once you have created an account with Changelly, you can exchange Bitcoin for Storj.

On the following page you can check your amounts and digital currencies again. Select Storj and click on “Next”.

At the next window you have to enter your Storj – address. The digital currency will be sent to this address, so make sure you enter your address carefully.

Before paying with Bitcoin you will be shown an overview with all relevant data at the end. Check if everything is correct and click on “Confirm and pay”.

You will then receive a bitcoin address from Changelly to which you must send bitcoins.

Once your payment has been confirmed, the Bitcoins will be exchanged and you will receive your desired currency.

The Storj currency will be paid to the address given above.

Bitcoin-Rapper thick in the business

Bitcoin-Rapper thick in the business | Sido & Kool Savas, Gramatik and 50 Cent
By Andre Eberle – 24 April 20180
Gramatik, real name Denis Jašarević, is a well-known DJ and music producer, who is especially popular in the USA. Already in 2016 he published the title “Satoshi Nakamoto” which today has over 320,000 views on YouTube.
The Slovenian emigrated to the United States and settled in Brooklyn. So far he has sold more than 100,000 songs. He is also a big Bitcoin fan who has been dealing with the subject for a long time.
Also in the show of Gramatik the day before yesterday a Bitcoin-Meme was shown: HODL. The term HODL is used by many people, including rappers.

4902 HODL

Table of Contents
The origin of HODL and what it means
Sido & Kool Sava’s Hodln
50 cents
More Bitcoin rappers and songs
HODL GANG – Chris Record
Remy: Bitcoin Billionaire (Funny Parody)
Toby Ganger + Decap – Welcome To The Blockchain (The Bitcoin Song)
The origin of HODL and what it means
This Bitcoin-Meme was created when the drunken Bitcointalk user GameKyuubi “holding” could no longer spell correctly. He explained in 2013 why he would become Bitcoin HODLn. HODLn means holding bitcoin, crypto currencies or other assets for the long term.

In a very entertaining way GameKyuubi explained that he was a bad trader. He can’t see ups and downs and not just make a milliono bucks like other good traders “pit paf piffy wing wong wang”.


Sido & Kool Sava’s Hodln
Also Sido & Kool Savas, two well-known German rappers to whom not much more needs to be said, used the term HODLn for their new track. Even Julian Hosp, the German-speaking crypto guru who wrote the book “Kryptowährungen einfach erklärt “*, can be seen in the intro to the song.
Shortly after the release of the music video for “Hodln”, Rapudate reported that Kool Savas bought a sports car with Bitcoin. Savas brought his ledger Hardware Wallet to pay a fancy McLaren with Bitcoin.

50 cents
50 Cent was the first famous rapper to accept Bitcoin for the sale of his album “Animal Ambition” in 2014. The album cost 5.50 US dollars, the equivalent of 0.0088 Bitcoin. Through his album he could take 700 Bitcoins in total. He had rediscovered it in 2018 and was very proud of himself, as he announced on Twitter.

However, since he filed for private insolvency in 2015, he would have had to declare this find with retroactive effect and probably hand it in. Shortly thereafter, 50 cents deleted his tweet and in the insolvency application he stated that he had no Bitcoins at all. He merely wanted to take advantage of the positive press, which portrayed him as a good businessman.

This resulted in the following meme: “50 cents really doesn’t have any bitcoins these days. Monero is his crypto currency now.”