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•  Eison-Junior Meetings-Library
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J.O.J. Basketball State Champions
Contgratulations to the J.O. Johnson boys basketball team and coaching staff! The Jaguars were victorious over Ramsey High...

J.O.J. Seniors Offered $1,727,026 in Scholarships   
As of March 3rd, 2015, the senior class at Johnson High School has been offered $1,727,026 in scholarships. Way to go, Seniors!

J.O.J. Law Academy Video   

J.O.J. Teacher Chris Scribner: Teacher of the Year   
J.O.J. AP World History teacher, AVID teacher, and wrestling coach selected as Huntsville City School Teacher of the Year. He...

Students, Don't Forget to Backup your Data!   
If you have work saved on your laptop, back it up to another device or cloud often. Ways to stop losing your work: Edmodo...

Johnson Student, Daymond Billups, Chosen as STAR 99 Young Citizen of the Month   
Click HERE to see article. 

Important Documents Now on the Website   
Click on "FORMS" to your left to access the following documents: ACIP 2020 Technology Plan Parent Involvement Plan (English...

Follow J.O.J. on Twitter   
Johnson is now on Twitter. Follow us@jojohnsonhigh

CAP & GOWN Project   
Click here to see a presentation on the CAP & GOWN Project at Johnson High School. CAP & GOWN Northeast College Tour...
CAP & GOWN Project